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7464878.pdf.jpg2016Thermal Properties of an Intense Relativistic Electron Beam Collector Under Repetitive Pulse OperationTao Xun; Han-wu Yang; Jun Zhang; Jian-de Zhang
7557035.pdf.jpg2016Optimal QoS-Aware Channel Assignment in D2D Communications With Partial CSIRui Wang; Jun Zhang; S. H. Song; Khaled B. Letaief
7062012.pdf.jpg2016Multiobjective Vehicle Routing Problems With Simultaneous Delivery and Pickup and Time Windows: Formulation, Instances, and AlgorithmsJiahai Wang; Ying Zhou; Yong Wang; Jun Zhang; C. L. Philip Chen; Zibin Zheng
7244226.pdf.jpg2016Large System Secrecy Rate Analysis for SWIPT MIMO Wiretap ChannelsJun Zhang; Chau Yuen; Chao-Kai Wen; Shi Jin; Kai-Kit Wong; Hongbo Zhu
7508805.pdf.jpg2016Parameter estimation and topology identification of uncertain general fractional-order complex dynamical networks with time delayXiaojuan Chen; Jun Zhang; Tiedong Ma
7362161.pdf.jpg2016Kuhn&x2013;Munkres Parallel Genetic Algorithm for the Set Cover Problem and Its Application to Large-Scale Wireless Sensor NetworksXin-Yuan Zhang; Jun Zhang; Yue-Jiao Gong; Zhi-Hui Zhan; Wei-Neng Chen; Yun Li
7407523.pdf.jpg2016Region tracking control for high-order multi-agent systems in restricted spaceXiaoming Sun; Shuzhi Sam Ge; Jun Zhang; Xianbin Cao
7572018.pdf.jpg2016Dynamic Computation Offloading for Mobile-Edge Computing With Energy Harvesting DevicesYuyi Mao; Jun Zhang; Khaled B. Letaief
7428931.pdf.jpg2016A Bi-Level Program for the Planning of an Islanded Microgrid Including CAESJun Zhang; Ke-Jun Li; Mingqiang Wang; Wei-Jen Lee; Hongxia Gao; Chenghui Zhang; Ke Li
7546907.pdf.jpg2016Research of an Energy Processing System for Disposing Plasma Electromagnetic Energy During Disruption in TokamakMing Zhang; Xiaolong Li; Jun Zhang; Xiaolong Bai; Wendi Xu; Bin Yang; Zhongyong Chen; Kexun Yu