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7360885.pdf.jpg2016Distributed Smart Decision-Making for a Multimicrogrid System Based on a Hierarchical Interactive ArchitectureMousa Marzband; Narges Parhizi; Mehdi Savaghebi; Josep M. Guerrero
7746046.pdf.jpg2016Robust two degrees-of-freedom single-current control strategy for LCL-type grid-connected DG system under grid-frequency fluctuation and grid-impedance variationLeming Zhou; Yandong Chen; An Luo; Josep M. Guerrero; Xiaoping Zhou; Zhiyong Chen; Wenhua Wu
7314951.pdf.jpg2016Multiple-Time-Scales Hierarchical Frequency Stability Control Strategy of Medium-Voltage Isolated MicrogridZhuoli Zhao; Ping Yang; Josep M. Guerrero; Zhirong Xu; Timothy C. Green
7272107.pdf.jpg2016Leakage Current Elimination of Four-Leg Inverter for Transformerless Three-Phase PV SystemsXiaoqiang Guo; Ran He; Jiamin Jian; Zhigang Lu; Xiaofeng Sun; Josep M. Guerrero
7051212.pdf.jpg2016Distributed Voltage Unbalance Compensation in Islanded Microgrids by Using a Dynamic Consensus AlgorithmLexuan Meng; Xin Zhao; Fen Tang; Mehdi Savaghebi; Tomislav Dragicevic; Juan C. Vasquez; Josep M. Guerrero
7062912.pdf.jpg2016Droop-Free Distributed Control for AC MicrogridsVahidreza Nasirian; Qobad Shafiee; Josep M. Guerrero; Frank L. Lewis; Ali Davoudi
7206597.pdf.jpg2016Secondary Control Strategies for Frequency Restoration in Islanded Microgrids With Consideration of Communication DelaysConstanza Ahumada; Roberto Cárdenas; Doris Sáez; Josep M. Guerrero
7480937.pdf.jpg2016Next-Generation Shipboard DC Power System: Introduction Smart Grid and dc Microgrid Technologies into Maritime Electrical NetowrksZheming Jin; Giorgio Sulligoi; Rob Cuzner; Lexuan Meng; Juan C. Vasquez; Josep M. Guerrero
7121016.pdf.jpg2016Review of Power Sharing Control Strategies for Islanding Operation of AC MicrogridsHua Han; Xiaochao Hou; Jian Yang; Jifa Wu; Mei Su; Josep M. Guerrero
7274736.pdf.jpg2016Control Architecture for Parallel-Connected Inverters in Uninterruptible Power SystemsChi Zhang; Josep M. Guerrero; Juan C. Vasquez; Ernane Antônio Alves Coelho