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7360223.pdf.jpg2016Open-Circuit Fault Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerant Control for a Grid-Connected NPC InverterUi-Min Choi; June-Seok Lee; Frede Blaabjerg; Kyo-Beum Lee
7456187.pdf.jpg2016Optimal Selective Harmonic Mitigation Technique on Variable DC Link Cascaded H-Bridge Converter to Meet Power Quality StandardsMohammad Najjar; Amirhossein Moeini; Mohammad Kazem Bakhshizadeh; Frede Blaabjerg; Shahrokh Farhangi
7118223.pdf.jpg2016Optimal Design of High-Order Passive-Damped Filters for Grid-Connected ApplicationsRemus Narcis Beres; Xiongfei Wang; Frede Blaabjerg; Marco Liserre; Claus Leth Bak
7094278.pdf.jpg2016Minimum-Voltage Vector Injection Method for Sensorless Control of PMSM for Low-Speed OperationsGe Xie; Kaiyuan Lu; Sanjeet Kumar Dwivedi; Jesper Riber Rosholm; Frede Blaabjerg
7470582.pdf.jpg2016Multiuser Communication Through Power Talk in DC MicroGridsMarko Angjelichinoski; Čedomir Stefanović; Petar Popovski; Hongpeng Liu; Poh Chiang Loh; Frede Blaabjerg
7442742.pdf.jpg2016Power control flexibilities for grid-connected multi-functional photovoltaic invertersYongheng Yang; Frede Blaabjerg; Huai Wang; Marcelo Godoy Simões
7359133.pdf.jpg2016Prediction of Bond Wire Fatigue of IGBTs in a PV Inverter Under a Long-Term OperationPaula Diaz Reigosa; Huai Wang; Yongheng Yang; Frede Blaabjerg
7448401.pdf.jpg2016Predictive Pulse-Pattern Current Modulation Scheme for Harmonic Reduction in Three-Phase Multidrive SystemsPooya Davari; Yongheng Yang; Firuz Zare; Frede Blaabjerg
7471488.pdf.jpg2016Comparison of Impedance-Source Networks for Two and Multilevel Buck&x2013;Boost Inverter ApplicationsOleksandr Husev; Frede Blaabjerg; Carlos Roncero-Clemente; Enrique Romero-Cadaval; Dmitri Vinnikov; Yam P. Siwakoti; Ryszard Strzelecki
7470347.pdf.jpg2016Comparison of three-phase three-level voltage source inverter with intermediate dc&x2013;dc boost converter and quasi-Z-source inverterDmitry Panfilov; Oleksandr Husev; Frede Blaabjerg; Janis Zakis; Kamal Khandakji