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AL568519.pdf.jpg-Nomadic Control Packet-Based Dynamic Route Maintenance Scheme for Adaptive Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksChoi, Wook; Das, Sajal K; Lee, Il; Box, P O
AL515910.pdf.jpg-On the Packet-Switched Implementation of a Discrete-Time CNNMalki, Suleyman; Spaanenburg, Lambert; Box, P O
AL491246.pdf.jpg-CoMet : A Tool Using CUMM to Measure Unused Component MembersMsheik, Hamdan; Abran, Alain; Mcheick, Hamid; Touloumis, Dimitrios; Khelifi, Adel; Box, P O
AL502804.pdf.jpg-Combining Estimates with Planning Poker – An Empirical Study Nils Christian HaugenMoløkken-østvold, Kjetil; Box, P O
AL581179.pdf.jpg-On the Deployment of Multimedia Services in Wireless Networks : Radio Dimensioning Aspects for UTRAN FDDSoldani, David; Cuny, Renaud; Box, P O; Group, Fin- Nokia
AL513183.pdf.jpg-On the Fundamental Design Gap in Terabit per Second Packet SwitchingVerhappen, M; Box, P O
AL583022.pdf.jpg-Peer Reviews in Real Life – Motivators and DemotivatorsHarjumaa, Lasse; Tervonen, Ilkka; Huttunen, Anna; Box, P O; Yliopisto, Fin- Oulun
AL528763.pdf.jpg2005Integrated Health Log : Share Multimedia Patient DataBrussee, Rogier; Box, P O; Oord, Leon Van Den; Rongen, Erik; Ricardostraat, David; Bloo, Hans; Erren, Victorien; Box, P O
AL542446.pdf.jpg2006A Higher-Order Active Contour Model for Tree Detection ∗Jermyn, Ian; Kato, Zoltan; Zerubia, Josiane; Box, P O; Szeged, H-; Inria, Cnrs; Antipolis, Sophia; Jermyn, Email Ian; Zerubia, Josiane
AL579483.pdf.jpg-Rapid Design and Analysis of Communication Systems Using the BEE Hardware Emulation Environment Tampere University of TechnologyChang, Chen; Kuusilinna, Kimmo; Richards, Brian; Chen, Allen; Chan, Nathan; Brodersen, Robert W; Nikoli, Borivoje; Way, Allston; Box, P O; Tampere, Fin-