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7314895.pdf.jpg2016Thermal Dynamics in Newborn and Juvenile Models Cooled by Total Liquid VentilationMathieu Nadeau; Michaël Sage; Matthias Kohlhauer; Jonathan Vandamme; Julien Mousseau; Raymond Robert; Renaud Tissier; Jean-Paul Praud; Hervé Walti; Philippe Micheau
7736145.pdf.jpg2016Thermal Effects on LED Lamp With Different Thermal Interface MaterialsYunqing Tang; Dongjing Liu; Haiying Yang; Ping Yang
7169588.pdf.jpg2016Optimal Fault-Tolerant Control of Six-Phase Induction Motor Drives With Parallel ConvertersMario J. Duran; Ignacio Gonzalez Prieto; Mario Bermudez; Federico Barrero; Hugo Guzman; Manuel R. Arahal
7365443.pdf.jpg2016Dimensionality Dependence of TFET Performance Down to 0.1 V Supply VoltageYuan Taur; Jianzhi Wu; Jie Min
7394163.pdf.jpg2016Thermal Modeling of Flux-Switching Permanent-Magnet Machines Considering Anisotropic Conductivity and Thermal Contact ResistanceXiuhua Cai; Ming Cheng; Sa Zhu; Jiawen Zhang
7497655.pdf.jpg2016Thermal Neutron Filter Design for the Neutron Radiography Facility at the LVR-15 ReactorJaroslav Soltes; Ladislav Viererbl; Zdena Lahodova; Michal Koleska; Miroslav Vins
7206568.pdf.jpg2016Digitally Enhanced Wideband I/Q Downconversion Receiver With 2-Channel Time-Interleaved ADCsSimran Singh; Mikko Valkama; Michael Epp; Wolfgang Schlecker
7342964.pdf.jpg2016Thermal Conductivity and Interface Thermal Conductance of Titanium Silicide Films on SiKasichainula Jagannadham
7476858.pdf.jpg2016Thermal Assessment of AlGaN/GaN MOS-HEMTs on Si Substrate Using Gd2O3 as Gate DielectricZhan Gao; María Fátima Romero; María Ángela Pampillón; Enrique San Andrés; Fernando Calle
7464294.pdf.jpg2016Thermal Demagnetization Compensation for Fast and Precise Positioning in Galvanometer ScannersDaisuke Matsuka; Tsubasa Tanaka; Makoto Iwasaki

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