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2014Reactive Power Sharing and Voltage Harmonic Distortion Compensation of Droop Controlled Single Phase Islanded MicrogridsDept. of Ind. Electr. Power Conversion, Univ. of Malta, Msida, Malta; Micallef, Alexander ; Apap, Maurice ; Spiteri-Staines, Cyril ; Guerrero, Josep M. ; Vasquez, Juan C.
2014Risk-Constrained Microgrid Reconfiguration Using Group SparsityDall'Anese, Emiliano ; Giannakis, Georgios
2014Distribution Network Reconfiguration in the Presence of Harmonic Loads: Optimization Techniques and AnalysisPolytech. Sch. of Eng., Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., New York Univ., New York, NY, USA; Jazebi, Saeed ; Haji, Moosa Moghimi ; Naghizadeh, R.A.
2014An Overview of the IEEE Standard C37.118.2—Synchrophasor Data Transfer for Power SystemsPhasor Meas. Syst., KenM Consulting, Portland, OR, USA; Martin, Kenneth E. ; Brunello, Gustavo ; Adamiak, M.G. ; Antonova, G. ; Begovic, Miroslav M. ; Benmouyal, G. ; Bui, P.D. ; Falk, Heiko ; Gharpure, V. ; Goldstein, A. ; Hu, Ya ; Huntley, C. ; Kase, T. ; Kezunovic, Mladen ; Kulshrestha, A. ; Lu, Yang ; Mide
2014A Demand Response and Battery Storage Coordination Algorithm for Providing Microgrid Tie-Line Smoothing ServicesKey Lab. of Smart Grid of Minist. of Educ., Tianjin Univ., Tianjin, China; Dan Wang ; Shaoyun Ge ; Hongjie Jia ; Chengshan Wang ; Yue Zhou ; Ning Lu ; Xiangyu Kong
2014Testing of a Predictive Control Strategy for Balancing Renewable Sources in a MicrogridMarinelli, Mattia ; Sossan, Fabrizio ; Costanzo, Giuseppe Tommaso ; Bindner, Henrik W.
2014Dynamic Available AGC Based Approach for Enhancing Utility Scale Energy Storage PerformancePWR Solutions Co., GL Group, Dallas, TX, USA; Yunzhi Cheng ; Tabrizi, Mehriar ; Sahni, Manoj ; Povedano, Alfredo ; Nichols, David
2014Management of Battery-Supercapacitor Hybrid Energy Storage and Synchronous Condenser for Isolated Operation of PMSG Based Variable-Speed Wind Turbine Generating SystemsAustralian Power Quality & Reliability Center, Univ. of Wollongong, Wollongong, NSW, Australia; Mendis, Nishad ; Muttaqi, Kashem M. ; Perera, Sarath
2014IEEE Journal of Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine-
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