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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
08642794.pdf.jpg2019Integrated Millimeter Wave and Sub-6 GHz Wireless Networks: A Roadmap for Joint Mobile Broadband and Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency CommunicationsO. Semiari;W. Saad;M. Bennis;M. Debbah
08642795.pdf.jpg2019DeepCachNet: A Proactive Caching Framework Based on Deep Learning in Cellular NetworksS. Rathore;J. H. Ryu;P. K. Sharma;J. H. Park
08642533.pdf.jpg2019A New Motion Parameter Estimation and Relocation Scheme for Airborne Three-Channel CSSAR-GMTI SystemsY. Li;Y. Wang;B. Liu;S. Zhang;L. Nie;G. Bi
08643422.pdf.jpg2019A Lightning Current Measurement Method Based on Optical Sensing TechnologyJ. Ge;Y. Shen;W. Yu;R. Liu;W. Fan;Y. Yang
08643429.pdf.jpg2019A Fast Coherent Integration Algorithm for Maneuvering Target DetectionH. Wang;J. Yi;X. Wan
08648466.pdf.jpg2019Back EMF, Torque–Angle, and Core Loss Characterization of a Variable-Flux Permanent-Magnet MachineC. Desai;P. Pillay
08648468.pdf.jpg2019A 1-MHz Relaxation Oscillator Core Employing a Self-Compensating Chopped Comparator PairJ. Mikulić;G. Schatzberger;A. Barić
08648460.pdf.jpg2019Continuous Health Monitoring With Resonant-Microphone-Array-Based Wearable StethoscopeA. A. Shkel;E. S. Kim
08648464.pdf.jpg20196 GHz to 40 GHz CubeSat Radiometer Antenna SystemJ. Che;C. Chen;J. T. Johnson;E. Kraus;D. Laczkowski;M. A. Solly;K. Horgan
08648461.pdf.jpg2019Reconstruction of Squared Field Magnitudes and Relative Phases From Magnitude-Only Near-Field MeasurementsJ. Knapp;A. Paulus;T. F. Eibert
08648459.pdf.jpg2019Coset Partitioning Construction of Systematic Permutation Codes Under the Chebyshev MetricH. Han;J. Mu;Y. He;X. Jiao
08648463.pdf.jpg2019Uniplanar Microstrip Antenna for Endfire RadiationR. Chopra;G. Kumar
08648451.pdf.jpg2019A Framework of Network Connectivity Management in Multi-Clouds InfrastructureA. Al-Dulaimi;S. Mumtaz;S. Al-Rubaye;S. Zhang;C. I
08648440.pdf.jpg2019Energy-Efficient Multilevel Heterogeneous Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor NetworksY. Zhang;X. Zhang;S. Ning;J. Gao;Y. Liu
08648449.pdf.jpg2019Dense Moving Fog for Intelligent IoT: Key Challenges and OpportunitiesS. Andreev;V. Petrov;K. Huang;M. A. Lema;M. Dohler
08648450.pdf.jpg2019Engineering Radio Maps for Wireless Resource ManagementS. Bi;J. Lyu;Z. Ding;R. Zhang
08648448.pdf.jpg2019A Novel Perspective on Multiple Access in 5G Network: Framework and SolutionsW. Peng;W. Gao;J. Liu
08648397.pdf.jpg2019Studies of HAMR Recording by Hybrid Monte Carlo MicromagneticsJ. Miao;D. Wei
08648399.pdf.jpg2019Dual-Band SIW Cavity-Backed Slot Array Using TM020 and TM120 Modes for 5G ApplicationsT. Hong;Z. Zhao;W. Jiang;S. Xia;Y. Liu;S. Gong
08648410.pdf.jpg2019Multi-Beam Directional Modulation Synthesis Scheme Based on Frequency Diverse ArrayB. Qiu;M. Tao;L. Wang;J. Xie;Y. Wang
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 39428
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