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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
7337400.pdf.jpg2016Ultra-Compact Broadband Tunable Graphene Plasmonic Multimode InterferometerRuiqi Zheng; Dingshan Gao; Jianji Dong
7390538.pdf.jpg2016Ultra wideband antenna design using discrete Green's functions in conjunction with binary particle swarm optimisationSalma Mirhadi; Nader Komjani; Mohammad Soleimani
7360193.pdf.jpg2016Ultra-Fast and High-Reliability SOT-MRAM: From Cache Replacement to Normally-Off ComputingGuillaume Prenat; Kotb Jabeur; Pierre Vanhauwaert; Gregory Di Pendina; Fabian Oboril; Rajendra Bishnoi; Mojtaba Ebrahimi; Nathalie Lamard; Olivier Boulle; Kevin Garello; Juergen Langer; Berthold Ocker; Marie-Claire Cyrille; Pietro Gambardella; Mehdi Tahoori; Gilles Gaud
7534608.pdf.jpg2016UHF partial discharge detection system for GIS: Application guide for sensitivity verification: CIGRE WG D1.25U. Schichler; W. Koltunowicz; D. Gautschi; A. Girodet; H. Hama; K. Juhre; J. Lopez-Roldan; S. Okabe; S. Neuhold; C. Neumann; J. Pearson; R. Pietsch; U. Riechert; S. Tenbohlen
7303963.pdf.jpg2016Ultracapacitor-Battery Hybrid Energy Storage System Based on the Asymmetric Bidirectional Z -Source Topology for EVSideng Hu; Zipeng Liang; Xiangning He
7466115.pdf.jpg2016Ultra Low Density Spread TransmissionAnahid R. Safavi; Alberto G. Perotti; Branislav M. Popović
7476821.pdf.jpg2016Ultra-Dense Networks: A SurveyMahmoud Kamel; Walaa Hamouda; Amr Youssef
7358045.pdf.jpg2016Ultra-Fast Millimeter Wave Beam SteeringRomain Bonjour; Matthew Singleton; Simon Arega Gebrewold; Yannick Salamin; Felix Christian Abrecht; Benedikt Baeuerle; Arne Josten; Pascal Leuchtmann; Christian Hafner; Juerg Leuthold
7372402.pdf.jpg2016Ultimate Performance Projection of Ultrathin Body Transistor Based on Group IV, III-V, and 2-D-MaterialsKain Lu Low; Yee-Chia Yeo; Gengchiau Liang
7544563.pdf.jpg2016Ultrabroadband High Coupling Efficiency Fiber-to-Waveguide Coupler Using Si _{3}N _{4}/SiO _{2} Waveguides on SiliconTiecheng Zhu; Yiwen Hu; Pradip Gatkine; Sylvain Veilleux; Joss Bland-Hawthorn; Mario Dagenais
7364170.pdf.jpg2016UHF-RFID Desktop Reader Antennas: Performance Analysis in the Near-Field RegionAndrea Michel; Paolo Nepa
7736825.pdf.jpg2016Previously an asymmetric double well potential model was successfully applied to interpret the nonlinear relaxational polarization of al2o3. here we extend this model to hfo2. the capacitance measurements on hfo2 based metal-insulator-metal mim capacitorsLaxman Kankate; Herbert Kliem
7362037.pdf.jpg2016Minimal Realization Problems for Hidden Markov ModelsQingqing Huang; Rong Ge; Sham Kakade; Munther Dahleh
7495080.pdf.jpg2016UK-Ireland SSCS Chapter 5G Mini-Workshop: Part of the Chapter's Advanced Topics in Microelectronic Engineering Series [Chapters]Peter Kennedy
7353139.pdf.jpg2016Prevention of Cracking From RDL Stress and Dicing Defects in Glass SubstratesScott McCann; Yoichiro Sato; Venkatesh Sundaram; Rao R. Tummala; Suresh K. Sitaraman
7447663.pdf.jpg2016Ultra-Broadband TE-Pass Polarizer Using a Cascade of Multiple Few-Layer Graphene Embedded Silicon WaveguidesXiang Yin; Xianmin Ke; Lin Chen; Tian Zhang; Junhao Li; Zhongshu Zhu; Xun Li
7464795.pdf.jpg2016Ubiquitous Multimedia: Emerging Research on Multimedia ComputingYonghong Tian; Min Chen; Leonel Sousa
7420527.pdf.jpg2016Price Elasticity in the Enterprise Computing Resource MarketQingye Jiang; Young Choon Lee; Albert Y. Zomaya
7346424.pdf.jpg2016Price-Based Coordinated Aggregation of Networked Distributed Energy ResourcesBahman Gharesifard; Tamer Başar; Alejandro D. Domínguez-García
7462238.pdf.jpg2016Ultra Low Voltage Synthesizable Memories: A Trade-Off Discussion in 65 nm CMOSOskar Andersson; Babak Mohammadi; Pascal Meinerzhagen; Andreas Burg; Joachim Neves Rodrigues
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 47208
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