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1996English -- Plastics Piping Systems - Elastomeric Sealing Ring Type Joints and Mechanical Joints for Thermoplastics Pressure Piping - Test Method for Leaktightness Under External Hydrostatic Pressure-
AAAGCAAAAAAAAAAA.pdf.jpg1993English -- Hardmetal Dies and Associated Hardmetal Tools Part 4: Dimensions and Tolerances of As-Sintered Hard-Metal Pellets Used in Heading Dies<br>French -- Matrices en metaux-durs et outils connexes en metaux-durs - specification. Dimensions et toleran-
1998English -- Construction and Testing of Drains and Sewers-
1996English -- Fertilizers Part 4: Chemical Analysis Section 4.3: Determination of Potassium Subsection 4.3.1: Preparation of the Test Solution for Determination of Water- Soluble Potassium Content-
AAZLCAAAAAAAAAAA.pdf.jpg1992English -- Airframe Rolling Bearings - Technical Specification-
AARLCAAAAAAAAAAA.pdf.jpg1998English -- Nickel Base Alloy NI-B40002 (NiSi4B2) - Filler Metal for Brazing - Tape<br>German -- Nickelbasislegierung NI-B40002 (NiSi4B2). Hartlot in Form von Band-
1999English -- Plastics - Preparation of PVC Pastes for Test Purposes - Planetary-Mixer Method<br>French -- Plastiques. Preparation des pates PVC pour essais. Methodes utilisant un melangeur-
ABAPCAAAAAAAAAAA.pdf.jpg1995English -- Information Technology - Guidelines for Effective Use of Optical Disk Cartridges Conforming to ISO/IEC 10090-
ABSPUAAAAAAAAAAA.pdf.jpg1999English -- Ships and Marine Technology - Fire Resistance of Hose Assemblies - Test Methods - AMD 10843: May 2000; AMD 13366: October 2001; CORR 13633: January 25, 2002-
ABTCNEAAAAAAAAAA.pdf.jpg1997English -- Soil quality - Determination of soil microbial biomass Part 1: Substrate-induced respiration method - CORR: August 31, 2011-

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