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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
AL2230919.pdf.jpg2013Fabrication of Metal-on-Glass High-Pitch Adapters Between VLSI Electronics and Semiconductor Sensors by Laser AblationRey-garcía, Francisco; Bao-varela, Carmen; Fuente, German F De La; Gómez-reino, Carlos; Pérez, Eliseo; Rodríguez, Pablo; Gallas, Abraham A; Pazos, Antonio; Adeva, Bernardo; Alonso, Ana; Prieto-blanco, Xesus
AL2230907.pdf.jpg2013An Integrated 40 Gbit / s Optical Costas ReceiverLu, Mingzhi; Park, Hyun-chul; Bloch, Eli; Sivananthan, Abirami; Parker, John S; Grif, Zach; Johansson, Leif A; Rodwell, Mark J W; Coldren, Larry A
AL2230881.pdf.jpg2013Of fl ine and Online Multi-Thread Polling in Long-Reach PONs : A Critical EvaluationMercian, Anu; Mcgarry, Michael P; Reisslein, Martin
AL2230886.pdf.jpg2013Echelle Diffractive Grating Based Wavelength Interrogator for Potential Aerospace ApplicationsGuo, Honglei; Xiao, Gaozhi; Mrad, Nezih; Yao, Jianping
AL2230902.pdf.jpg2013Phase Retrieval From Transmission Spectrum for Long-Period Fiber GratingsZou, Bing; Chiang, Kin Seng
AL2230910.pdf.jpg2013Nyquist-WDM-Based Flexible Optical Networks : Exploring Physical Layer Design ParametersPalkopoulou, E; Bosco, G; Carena, A; Klonidis, D; Poggiolini, P; Tomkos, I
AL2230882.pdf.jpg2013Direct Selection and Ampli fi cation of Individual Narrowly Spaced Optical Comb Modes Via Injection Locking : Design and CharacterizationWu, David S; Slavík, Radan; Marra, Giuseppe; Richardson, David J
AL2230900.pdf.jpg2013Designing of Optimized All-Optical Half Adder Circuit Using Single Quantum-Dot Semiconductor Optical Ampli fi er AssistedInterferometer, Mach-zehnder
AL2230887.pdf.jpg2013Low-Threshold, Single-Mode, Compact Brillouin/Erbium Fiber Ring LaserErbium, Brillouin; Ring, Fiber
AL2230912.pdf.jpg2013BPSK Phase Regeneration Based on Second-Order Nonlinearities in Periodically Poled Lithium NiobateMazroa, Dániel
AL2105342.pdf.jpg2013Neural PID Control of Robot Manipulators With Application to an Upper Limb ExoskeletonYu, Wen; Rosen, Jacob
AL2230897.pdf.jpg2013Digital PDL Compensation in 3D Stokes SpaceMuga, Nelson J; Pinto, Armando Nolasco
AL2230905.pdf.jpg2013Tapered Velocity Mode-Selective CouplersRiesen, Nicolas; Love, John D
AL2230892.pdf.jpg2013Mode-Division Multiplexing Transmission System With DMD-Independent Low Complexity MIMO ProcessingSakamoto, Taiji; Mori, Takayoshi; Yamamoto, Takashi; Hanzawa, Nobutomo; Tomita, Shigeru; Yamamoto, Fumihiko; Saitoh, Kunimasa; Koshiba, Masanori
AL2105341.pdf.jpg2013Toward Efficient Computation of the Dempster – Shafer Belief Theoretic ConditionalsWickramarathne, Thanuka L; Premaratne, Kamal; Murthi, Manohar N; Dempster, Abstract; Ds, Shafer
AL2230896.pdf.jpg2013Enhancing Angular Color Uniformity of Diodes by Phosphor Dip-Transfer CoatingLight-emitting, Phosphor-converted White; Zheng, Huai; Liu, Sheng; Luo, Xiaobing
AL2230885.pdf.jpg2013Wavelength Tuning by Bending a Flexible Photonic Crystal LaserHsu, Kung-shu; Chiu, Tzu-ting; Lee, Po-tsung; Shih, Min-hsiung
AL2230880.pdf.jpg2013Analysis of Connection Loss for a GI Waveguide Based Optical Link Using the Finite Difference Beam Propagation MethodHsu, Hsiang-han; Ishigure, Takaaki; Nakagawa, Shigeru
AL2230889.pdf.jpg2013Quasi-Phase-Matching of Four-Wave-Mixing-Based Wavelength Conversion by Phase-Mismatch SwitchingLefevre, Yannick; Vermeulen, Nathalie; Thienpont, Hugo
AL2230884.pdf.jpg2013Wide-Range Variable Gain Fiber Ampli fi er WithSwitching, Erbium-doped Fiber; Ono, Hirotaka; Watanabe, Toshio
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 12188
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