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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
AL400963.pdf.jpg-Characterization and subordination properties associated with a certain class of functionsRaina, R.K.; Bansal, D.
AL938557.pdf.jpg2008Optimizing the Performance of Spoken Language Recognition With Discriminative TrainingZhu, Donglai; Li, Haizhou; Ma, Bin
AL431224.pdf.jpg-Automated network selection in a heterogeneous wireless network environmentBari, Farooq; Leung, Victor
AL508379.pdf.jpg-Nonlinear mean shift for clustering over analytic manifoldsSubbarao, Raghav; Meer, Peter
AL411949.pdf.jpg-Delivery point reliability indices of a bulk electric system using sequential Monte Carlo simulationBillinton, Roy; Wangdee, Wijarn
AL424395.pdf.jpg-Theoretical Results on Sparse Representations of multiple Measurement vectorsChen, JieHuo, Xiaoming
AL439316.pdf.jpg-Characterization and Performance Comparison of Ripple-Based Control forSun, Jian
AL510310.pdf.jpg-Nonlinear Model Order Reduction Using Remainder FunctionsMartinez, J.a.; Levitan, S.P.; Chiarulli, D.M.
AL938563.pdf.jpg2008Confusion Network DecodingBertoldi, Nicola; Zens, Richard; Federico, Marcello; Shen, Wade
AL938560.pdf.jpg2008Using Kernel Discriminant Analysis to Improve the Characterization of the Alternative Hypothesis for Speaker VerificationChao, Yi-hsiang; Tsai, Wei-ho; Wang, Hsin-min; Chang, Ruei-chuan
AL567674.pdf.jpg-MUVEES : a PC-based Multi-User Virtual Environment for LearningChen, Jim X
AL496627.pdf.jpg-Nonlinear Modeling on Protein Kinase C ( PKC ) -Epsilon Inverse Regulation of Stress Fibers in Oncogenically Transformed Cells References :Li, Yingxin; Heckman, Carol a; Barnes, Julie a
AL434014.pdf.jpg-NMOS compatible work function of TaN metal gate with erbium-oxide-doped hafnium oxide gate dielectricChen, JingdeWang, X. P.Li, Ming FuLee, S. J.Yu, M. B.Shen, C.Yeo, Yee Chia
AL348834.pdf.jpg-CinemaScreen recommander agent: Combining collaborative and content-based filteringSalter, James; Antonopoulos, Nick
AL425254.pdf.jpg-Characterization of 1050-nm Pumped S -Band TDFA With Different Dopant Concentrations by Coherent Optical Frequency-Domain ReflectometryShalibeik, Hotan; Behrends, Arne; Kozak, Marcin M; Kowalsky, Wolfgang
AL418978.pdf.jpg-Comments on "On object systems and behavioral inheritance" (multiple letters)Chen, Jinghong CoxJiau, Hewijin ChristineKupferman, OrnaHarel, D.
AL519629.pdf.jpg-Nonlinear transform coding: Polar coordinates revisitedBa, Demba E.; Goyal, Vivek K.
AL430461.pdf.jpg-Characterization of a 4 4 Gb / s Parallel Electronic Bus to WDM Optical Link Silicon Photonic TranslatorLee, Benjamin G; Small, Benjamin A; Xu, Qianfan; Lipson, Michal; Bergman, Keren; Microresonators, Index Terms
AL938561.pdf.jpg2008Union of MDCT Bases for Audio CodingRavelli, Emmanuel; Richard, Gal; Daudet, Laurent
AL411952.pdf.jpg-Modeling and application studies for a modern static VAr system installationPourbeik, Pouyan; Boström, Anders; Ray, Bhaskar
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 137947
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