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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
AL1543655.pdf.jpg2009Prediction of the SINR RMS in the IEEE 802.16 OFDMA systemMoiseev, Sergey N.; Kondakov, Mikhail S.
AL1544020.pdf.jpg2009Predicting project velocity in XP using a learning dynamic Bayesian network modelHearty, Peter; Fenton, Norman; Marquez, David; Neil, Martin
AL1545676.pdf.jpg2009Prediction of Battery Behavior Subject to High-Rate Partial State of ChargeBree, Patrick J Van; Veltman, André; Hendrix, Will H A; Bosch, Paul P J Van Den
AL1542074.pdf.jpg2009Pulse antenna permutation and pulse antenna modulation: Two novel diversity schemes for achieving very high data-rates with unipolar MIMO-UWB communicationsAbou-Rjeily, Chadi
AL1545957.pdf.jpg2009Pseudocoherent detection of OOK/PPM signals as zero-delay transmitted-reference signals with bandpass downsampling for UWB communicationsCui, Shan; Guan, Yong Liang; Teh, Kah Chan; Li, Kwok Hung
AL1545219.pdf.jpg2009Pulse echo and combined resonance techniques: A full set of LGT acoustic wave constants and temperature coefficientsSturtevant, Blake T.; Davulis, Peter M.; Da Cunha, Mauricio Pereira
AL1542278.pdf.jpg2009Pulsed 1.5 μm LIDAR for axial aircraft wake vortex detectionBesson, C.; Valla, M.; Canat, G.; Augére, B.; Fleury, D.; Goular, D.; Cariou, J.P.; Dolfi-Bouteyre, a.; Brousmiche, S.; Lugan, S.; Bricteux, L.; Macq, B.
AL1541302.pdf.jpg2009Pulse Amplification and Spatio-Spectral Hole-Burning in Inhomogeneously Broadened Quantum-Dot Semiconductor Optical AmplifiersReschner, Dietmar W; Gehrig, Edeltraud; Hess, Ortwin
AL1542147.pdf.jpg2009Pulsed 1 . 5- µ m LIDAR for Axial Aircraft Wake Vortex Detection Based on High-BrightnessAmplifier, Large-core Fiber; Canat, Guillaume; Valla, Matthieu; Besson, Claudine; Goular, Didier; Lombard, Laurent; Cariou, Jean-pierre; Durecu, Anne; Fleury, Didier; Bricteux, Laurent; Brousmiche, Sebastien
AL1542720.pdf.jpg2009Pulse-Based Radar Imaging Using a Genetic Optimization Approach for Echo SeparationHantscher, Sebastian; Diskus, Christian G
AL1543545.pdf.jpg2009Pulse Repetition and Cyclic Prefix : Different Transmitting Strategies for Impulse Radio UWB SystemsBianchi, Tiziano; Morosi, Simone
AL1544411.pdf.jpg2009Pseudo-Continuous-Time Readout Circuit for aMicro-gyroscope, Capacitive
AL1547129.pdf.jpg2009Reduction of peak-to-average power ratio in transform domain communication systemsMartin, R K; Haker, M
AL1546787.pdf.jpg2009Reduced feedback SDMA based on subspace packingsSvedman, Patrick; Jorswieck, Eduard a.; Ottersten, Bjorn
AL1546468.pdf.jpg2009A Nested Process Model for Visualization Design and ValidationMunzner, Tamara
AL1544235.pdf.jpg2009Reduction of inductive crosstalk using quadrupole inductorsPoon, Andrew; Chang, Andrew; Samavati, Hirad; Wong, S. Simon
AL1545227.pdf.jpg2009Reduced harmonic representation for continuous wave, shock-producing focused beamsChristopher, Ted
AL1543027.pdf.jpg2009Reduced-Complexity Iterative Markov Chain MBER Detection for MIMO SystemsSugiura, Shinya; Chen, Sheng; Hanzo, Lajos; Description, A System
AL1542527.pdf.jpg2009Reduced-Reference Image Quality Assessment Using Divisive Normalization-Based Image RepresentationLi, Qiang; Wang, Zhou
AL1543056.pdf.jpg2009Reduced-Complexity Reed – Solomon Decoders Based on Cyclotomic FFTsChen, Ning; Yan, Zhiyuan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 4664
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