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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
AL1730676.pdf.jpg2010The Design of Broadband , Volumetric NRI Media Using Multiconductor Transmission-Line AnalysisRudolph, Scott Michael; Grbic, Anthony; Multiconductor, Abstract
AL1730646.pdf.jpg2010CMOS Phased Array Transceiver Technology for 60 GHz Wireless ApplicationsFakharzadeh, Mohammad
AL1730655.pdf.jpg2010A Low-Profile Linearly Polarized 3D PIFA for Handheld GPS TerminalsSerra, Andrea Antonio; Nepa, Paolo; Manara, Giuliano; Massini, Riccardo
AL1730644.pdf.jpg2010Compact Elongated Mushroom ( EM ) -EBG Structure for Enhancement of Patch Antenna Array PerformancesCoulombe, Martin; Koodiani, Sadegh Farzaneh; Caloz, Christophe
AL1730659.pdf.jpg2010Low-Profile PIFA Array Antennas for UHF Band RFID Tags Mountable on Metallic ObjectsChen, Horng-dean; Tsao, Yu-hung
AL1730638.pdf.jpg2010Emissivity Calculation for a Finite Circular Array of Pyramidal Absorbers Based on Kirchhoff ’ s Law of Thermal RadiationWang, Junhong; Yang, Yujie; Miao, Jungang; Chen, Yunmei
AL1730672.pdf.jpg2010Uniform Asymptotic Evaluation of Surface Integrals With Polygonal Integration Domains in Terms of UTD Transition FunctionsCarluccio, Giorgio; Albani, Matteo; Pathak, Prabhakar H
AL1730679.pdf.jpg2010Direction of Arrival Estimation in Time Modulated Linear Arrays With Unidirectional Phase CenterLi, Gang; Yang, Shiwen; Nie, Zaiping
AL1730662.pdf.jpg2010Non-Orthogonal Domain Parabolic Equation and Its Tilted Gaussian Beam SolutionsHadad, Yakir; Melamed, Timor
AL1730665.pdf.jpg2010A Cloaking Metamaterial Based on an Inhomogeneous Linear Field TransformationMaci, Stefano
AL1745044.pdf.jpg2010Robust high-order matched filter for hyperspectral target detection with quasi-Newton methodLiu, Liu; Shi, Zhenwei; Yang, Shuo; Zhang, Haohan
AL1730641.pdf.jpg2010Electromagnetic Boundary Conditions Defined in Terms of Normal Field ComponentsLindell, Ismo V; Sihvola, Ari H
AL1730710.pdf.jpg2010Application of Tree-Cotree Splitting to the Electromagnetic ProblemsAnalysis, Time-domain Finite-element; Wang, Rui; Riley, Douglas J; Jin, Jian-ming
AL1730713.pdf.jpg2010A Multiple-Grid Adaptive Integral Method for Multi-Region ProblemsWu, Ming-feng; Kaur, Guneet; Yılmaz, Ali E
AL1730705.pdf.jpg2010A Planar Dual-Arm Equiangular Spiral AntennaFu, W; Lopez, E R; Rowe, W S T; Ghorbani, K
AL1730706.pdf.jpg2010Design of Compact Quadruple Inverted-F Antenna With Circular Polarization for GPS ReceiverSon, Wang-ik; Lim, Won-gyu; Lee, Moon-que; Min, Sang-bo; Yu, Jong-won
AL1730635.pdf.jpg2010Analysis of Strong Coupling in Coupled Oscillator ArraysSeetharam, Venkatesh; Pearson, L Wilson
AL1730674.pdf.jpg2010Transparent Dielectric Resonator Antennas forLim, Eng Hock; Leung, Kwok Wa
AL1730701.pdf.jpg2010Propagation and Scattering of Spherical Wave Pulses in Vegetation Using Scalar Transport TheoryWhitman, Gerald M; Member, Life Senior; Wu, Michael Y-c; Schwering, Felix K
AL1730675.pdf.jpg2010A Compact Tri-Band Monopole Antenna With Single-Cell Metamaterial LoadingZhu, Jiang; Antoniades, Marco A; Eleftheriades, George V
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 15609
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