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08328821.pdf.jpg2018Radio Over Fiber Downlink Design for Spatial Modulation and Multi-Set Space-Time Shift-KeyingYichuan Li|Ibrahim A. Hemadeh|Mohammed El-Hajjar|Lajos Hanzo
08328814.pdf.jpg2018Exploding E-Cigarettes: A Battery Safety IssueSaurabh Saxena|Lingxi Kong|Michael G. Pecht
08424407.pdf.jpg2018Denoising for Low-Dose CT Image by Discriminative Weighted Nuclear Norm MinimizationLina Jia|Quan Zhang|Yu Shang|Yanling Wang|Yi Liu|Na Wang|Zhiguo Gui|Guanru Yang
08520859.pdf.jpg2018Visualization, Feature Selection, Machine Learning: Identifying the Responsible Group for Extreme Acts of ViolenceMahdi Hashemi|Margeret Hall
08552666.pdf.jpg2018Multi-Sensor Multi-Floor 3D Localization With Robust Floor DetectionYou Li|Zhouzheng Gao|Zhe He|Peng Zhang|Ruizhi Chen|Naser El-Sheimy
08520837.pdf.jpg2018Non-Orthogonal Unicast and Multicast Transmission for Massive MIMO With Statistical Channel State InformationLi You|Jiayuan Xiong|Ke-Xin Li|Wenjin Wang|Xiqi Gao
08252706.pdf.jpg2018Iterative Relay Scheduling With Hybrid ARQ Under Multiple User Equipment (Type II) Relay EnvironmentsSung Sik Nam|Mohamed-Slim Alouini|Seyeong Choi
08328804.pdf.jpg2018Polarization Diversity and Adaptive Beamsteering for 5G Reflectarrays: A ReviewMuhammad Hashim Dahri|Mohd Haizal Jamaluddin|Mohsen Khalily|Muhammad Inam Abbasi|Raghuraman Selvaraju|Muhammad Ramlee Kamarudin
08328827.pdf.jpg2018A Brain Storm Optimization With Multi-Information Interactions for Global Optimization ProblemsChunquan Li|Zhenshou Song|Jinghui Fan|Qiangqiang Cheng|Peter X. Liu
08337734.pdf.jpg2018Stabilization of Discrete-Time Systems via a Partially Disabled Controller Experiencing Forced Dwell TimesZhiqiang Li|Guoliang Wang

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