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2014Observer Design of Discrete-Time T–S Fuzzy Systems Via Multi-Instant Homogenous Matrix PolynomialsRes. Inst. of Adv. Technol., Nanjing Univ. of Posts & Telecommun., Nanjing, China; Xiangpeng Xie ; Dongsheng Yang ; Hongjun Ma
2014Extracting the Physical Optical Parameters of TNLC Cell Using Effective Parameters and Stokes Polarimetry MethodDept. of Mech. Eng., Nat. Cheng Kung Univ., Tainan, Taiwan; Yu-Lung Lo ; Tsung-Tse Yang ; Chia-Chi Liao
2014Experimental Verification of a Passive Sensing Node for Monitoring RF Connector-Coaxial Cable System PerformanceAllegro Microsyst., Hanover, NH, USA; Chaware, Virag V. ; DeLisle, Jean-Jacques ; Kemp, Jeffrey T. ; Montena, Noah P. ; Vaughan, Ryan D. ; Ozbas, Murat ; Revelli, Joseph F. ; Bowman, Robert J.
2014Efficient Data Collection for Large-Scale Mobile Monitoring ApplicationsHaiying Shen ; Ze Li ; Lei Yu ; Chenxi Qiu
2014PPTP: Privacy-Preserving Traffic Padding in Web-Based ApplicationsConcordia Inst. for Inf. Syst. Eng., Concordia Univ., Montreal, QC, Canada; Wen Ming Liu ; Lingyu Wang ; Pengsu Cheng ; Kui Ren ; Shunzhi Zhu ; Debbabi, Mourad
2014Unknown Input H<formula formulatype="inline"> <img src="/images/tex/21374.gif" alt="_{bm \\infty }"> </formula> Observer-Based Localization of a Mobile Robot With Sensor FailureCenter for Anal. Instrum. Dev., Korea Basic Sci. Inst., Daejeon, South Korea; Hwan Hur ; Hyo-Sung Ahn
2014High Sensitivity Electret Accelerometer With Integrated FETInst. for Telecommun. Technol., Darmstadt Univ. of Technol., Darmstadt, Germany; Hillenbrand, Joachim ; Motz, Tilman ; Sessler, Gerhard M.
2015Signal Processing Letters, IEEEAdv. Telecommun. Res. Inst. Int. Intell. Robot. & Commun. Labs., Kyoto, Japan; Kidokoro, Hiroyuki ; Kanda, Takayuki ; Brscic, Drazen ; Shiomi, Masahiro
2014Cross-Layer Forward Error Correction Scheme Using Raptor and RCPC Codes for Prioritized Video Transmission Over Wireless ChannelsElectr. & Comput. Eng. Dept., Univ. of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, USA; Yeqing Wu ; Kumar, Sudhakar ; Fei Hu ; Yingying Zhu ; Matyjas, John D.
7432112.pdf.jpg2016Full-duplex and half-duplex: power efficiency comparisonDingzhu Wen; Guanding Yu