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7314895.pdf.jpg2016Thermal Dynamics in Newborn and Juvenile Models Cooled by Total Liquid VentilationMathieu Nadeau; Michaël Sage; Matthias Kohlhauer; Jonathan Vandamme; Julien Mousseau; Raymond Robert; Renaud Tissier; Jean-Paul Praud; Hervé Walti; Philippe Micheau
7506374.pdf.jpg2016IEEE Global History Network-
7539676.pdf.jpg2016Thermal Expansion Analysis of the Low Temperature Anomalies in Non-Superconducting P<roman>r</roman>BCOMahieddine Lahoubi; Shengli Pu; Delong Su
7451281.pdf.jpg2016QoS Provisioning Based Resource Allocation for Energy Harvesting SystemsRoya Arab Loodaricheh; Shankhanaad Mallick; Vijay K. Bhargava
7272053.pdf.jpg2016Optimal Filtering for Discrete-Time Linear Systems With Time-Correlated Multiplicative Measurement NoisesWei Liu
7558381.pdf.jpg2016Multi-innovation stochastic gradient method for harmonic modelling of power signalsLincheng Zhou; Xiangli Li; Huigang Xu; Peiyi Zhu
7439874.pdf.jpg2016Joint Subcarrier and Power Allocation Methods in Full Duplex Wireless Powered Communication Networks for OFDM SystemsHanjin Kim; Hoon Lee; Minki Ahn; Han-Bae Kong; Inkyu Lee
7271043.pdf.jpg2016Q-DRAM: Quick-Access DRAM with Decoupled Restoring from Row-ActivationWongyu Shin; Jungwhan Choi; Jaemin Jang; Jinwoong Suh; Yongkee Kwon; Youngsuk Moon; Hongsik Kim; Lee-Sup Kim
7458818.pdf.jpg2016Digitally Modulated CMOS Polar Transmitters for Highly-Efficient mm-Wave Wireless CommunicationKhaled Khalaf; Vojkan Vidojkovic; Kristof Vaesen; Michael Libois; Giovanni Mangraviti; Viki Szortyka; Chunshu Li; Bob Verbruggen; Mark Ingels; Andre Bourdoux; Charlotte Soens; Wim Van Thillo; John R. Long; Piet Wambacq
7476858.pdf.jpg2016Thermal Assessment of AlGaN/GaN MOS-HEMTs on Si Substrate Using Gd2O3 as Gate DielectricZhan Gao; Mar&#x00ED;a F&#x00E1;tima Romero; Mar&#x00ED;a &#x00C1;ngela Pampill&#x00F3;n; Enrique San Andr&#x00E9;s; Fernando Calle

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