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2014Optical Single Sideband Modulation With Tunable Optical Carrier-to-Sideband RatioKey Lab. of Radar Imaging & Microwave Photonics, Nanjing Univ. of Aeronaut. & Astronaut., Nanjing, China; Yamei Zhang ; Fangzheng Zhang ; Shilong Pan
2014SCDVP: A Simplicial CNN Digital Visual ProcessorDept. de Ing. Electr. y de Computadoras (DIEC), Univ. Nac. del Sur (UNS), Bahia Blanca, Argentina; Di Federico, M. ; Julian, Pedro ; Mandolesi, P.S.
2014Mobility-Aware Coordinated Charging for Electric Vehicles in VANET-Enhanced Smart GridMiao Wang ; Hao Liang ; Ran Zhang ; Ruilong Deng ; Xuemin Shen
2014Direct Electricity Trading in Smart Grid: A Coalitional Game AnalysisDept. of Inf. & Commun. Eng., Gyeongsang Nat. Univ., Jinju, South Korea; Woongsup Lee ; Lin Xiang ; Schober, Robert ; Wong, Vincent W. S.
2014Optimization Decomposition of Resistive Power Networks With Energy StorageColl. of Sci. & Eng., City Univ. of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China; Xin Lou ; Chee Wei Tan
2014RAMSES: RFID Augmented Module for Smart Environmental SensingDept. of Innovation Eng., Univ. of Salento, Lecce, Italy; de Donno, Danilo ; Catarinucci, Luca ; Tarricone, Luciano
2014Cooperation and Storage Tradeoffs in Power Grids With Renewable Energy ResourcesSingapore Univ. of Technol. & Design, Singapore, Singapore; Lakshminarayana, Subhash ; Quek, Tony Q. S. ; Poor, H. Vincent
2014Demand Side Management in Smart Grids Using a Repeated Game FrameworkLinqi Song ; Yuanzhang Xiao ; Van der Schaar, Mihaela
2014A Game Theoretical Analysis of Data Confidentiality Attacks on Smart-Grid AMIDept. SImulation NEutronique, Technol. de l'Inf. et Calcul Sci. (SINETICS), Clamart, France; Ismail, Ziad ; Leneutre, Jean ; Bateman, David ; Lin Chen
2014On Optimally Reducing Power Loss in Micro-grids With Power Storage DevicesGrad. Sch. of Inf. Sci., Tohoku Univ., Sendai, Japan; Chao Wei ; Fadlullah, Zubair Md. ; Kato, Nei ; Stojmenovic, Ivan