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2014Monochromatic Cherenkov THz Source Pumped by a Singly Resonant Optical Parametric OscillatorKey Lab. of Opto-Electron. Inf. & Tech. Sci. (Minist. of Educ.), Tianjin Univ., Tianjin, China; Pengxiang Liu ; Degang Xu ; Jiaqi Li ; Chao Yan ; Zhongxiao Li ; Yuye Wang ; Jianquan Yao
2014Supply Frequency Tracking in Resistance-Based Induction Motor's Rotor Temperature EstimationSchneider Electr., Knightdale, NC, USA; Zhi Gao ; Colby, Roy S. ; Turner, Larry
2014A Novel Calorimetric Method for Measurement of AC Losses of HTS Tapes by Optical Fiber Bragg GratingState Key Lab. for Alternate Electr. Power Syst. with Renewable Energy Sources, North China Electr. Power Univ., Beijing, China; Jing Shu Dai ; Yin Shun Wang ; Wei Jie Zhao ; Li Meng Xia ; Di Sun
2014Femtosecond-Pulse Fiber Based Amplification Techniques and Their ApplicationsState Key Lab. of Transient Opt. & Photonics, Xi'an Inst. of Opt. & Precision Mech., Xi'an, China; Wei Zhao ; Xiaohong Hu ; Yishan Wang
7296670.pdf.jpg2016Bidirectional Symbolic Analysis for Effective Branch TestingMauro Baluda; Giovanni Denaro; Mauro Pezzè
2014Improved MUSIC Algorithm for Multiple Noncoherent SubarraysFei Wen ; Qun Wan ; Rong Fan ; Hewen Wei
2014Automatic Detection and Measurement of Structures in Fetal Head Ultrasound Volumes Using Sequential Estimation and Integrated Detection Network (IDN)Corp. Technol., Siemens Corp., Princeton, NJ, USA; Sofka, Michal ; Jingdan Zhang ; Good, Sara ; Zhou, S. Kevin ; Comaniciu, Dorin
2014MRI-Compatible Device for Examining Brain Activation Related to SteppingDiv. of Neurosci., Univ. of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain; Martinez, Manuel ; Villagra, Federico ; Loayza, Francis ; Vidorreta, Marta ; Arrondo, Gonzalo ; Luis, Elkin ; Diaz, J. ; Echeverria, M. ; Fernandez-Seara, Maria A. ; Pastor, Maria A.
2014Compensation of Current Measurement Error for Current-Controlled PMSM DrivesPower & Control Div., Samsung Heavy Ind., Hwasung, South Korea; Myoungho Kim ; Seung-Ki Sul ; Junggi Lee