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7474348.pdf.jpg2016Joint topology design and mapping of service function chains for efficient, scalable, and reliable network functions virtualizationZilong Ye; Xiaojun Cao; Jianping Wang; Hongfang Yu; Chunming Qiao
7505631.pdf.jpg2016Thermal Evaluation of Chip-Scale Packaged Gallium Nitride TransistorsDavid Reusch; Johan Strydom; Alex Lidow
7410031.pdf.jpg2016Optimal Fast Control and Scheduling of Power Distribution System Using Integrated Receding Horizon Control and Convex Conic ProgrammingSeyedmahdi Moghadasi; Sukumar Kamalasadan
7431987.pdf.jpg2016Dimensional Effects Affecting the Linearity of Active Superconducting AntennasVictor K. Kornev; Alexey V. Sharafiev; Igor I. Soloviev; Nikolay V. Kolotinskiy; Oleg A. Mukhanov
7457223.pdf.jpg2016Thermal Lensing and Multiwatt Microchip Laser Operation of Yb:YCOB CrystalsPavel Loiko; Josep Maria Serres; Xavier Mateos; Haohai Yu; Huaijin Zhang; Junhai Liu; Konstantin Yumashev; Uwe Griebner; Valentin Petrov; Magdalena Aguiló; Francesc Díaz
7456410.pdf.jpg2016Optimal flow adjustment of veno-venoarterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation with an adaptive prediction model: cannula sizes screening and pump speeds estimationChung-Dann Kan; Wei-Ling Chen; Chia-Hung Lin; Pong-Jeu Lu; Yi-Chun Du
7180400.pdf.jpg2016Diminished Reality Based on Image Inpainting Considering Background GeometryNorihiko Kawai; Tomokazu Sato; Naokazu Yokoya
7484854.pdf.jpg2016Millimeter-Scaled Thick Cell Gap Measurement by Terahertz Spectroscopy TechnologyChao-Kuei Lee; Chung-Lun Wu; Han-Wei Zhang; Chun-Ta Wang; Tsung-Hsien Lin
7322258.pdf.jpg2016RFID Tag Acquisition Via Compressed Sensing: Fixed vs. Random Signature AssignmentMartin Mayer; Norbert Goertz
7452369.pdf.jpg2016Thermal Management of a Hybrid Electric Vehicle in Cold WeatherJoris Jaguemont; Loic Boulon; Yves Dubé; François Martel

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