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7332983.pdf.jpg2016Inter-Cell Interference Coordination for Control Channels in LTE Heterogeneous NetworksStepan Kucera; David López-Pérez
7118762.pdf.jpg2016Joint Static and Dynamic Traffic Scheduling in Data Center NetworksZizhong Cao; Murali Kodialam; T. V. Lakshman
7298424.pdf.jpg2016Sensor Fault Detection, Isolation, and Identification Using Multiple-Model-Based Hybrid Kalman Filter for Gas Turbine EnginesBahareh Pourbabaee; Nader Meskin; Khashayar Khorasani
7428964.pdf.jpg2016Digitally Assisted Built-In Tuning Using Hamming Distance Proportional Signatures in RF CircuitsShyam Devarakond; Shreyas Sen; Aritra Banerjee; Abhijit Chatterjee
7163354.pdf.jpg2016RF Power Gating: A Low-Power Technique for Adaptive RadiosJean-Francois Pons; Nicolas Dehaese; Sylvain Bourdel; Jean Gaubert; Bruno Paille
7437404.pdf.jpg2016Sensor Fault Detection, Isolation, and Estimation in Lithium-Ion BatteriesSatadru Dey; Sara Mohon; Pierluigi Pisu; Beshah Ayalew
7393775.pdf.jpg2016Theory and Perceptual Evaluation of the Binaural Reproduction and Beamforming Tradeoff in the Generalized Spherical Array BeamformerMichael Jeffet; Noam R. Shabtai; Boaz Rafaely
7588050.pdf.jpg2016Sensitivity of Source&x2013;Filter Interaction to Specific Vocal Tract ShapesIngo R. Titze; Anil Palaparthi
7174553.pdf.jpg2016Optimal Embedding of Functions for In-Network Computation: Complexity Analysis and AlgorithmsPooja Vyavahare; Nutan Limaye; D. Manjunath
7393838.pdf.jpg2016Quantifying Spasticity With Limited Swinging Cycles Using Pendulum Test Based on Phase Amplitude CouplingChien Hung Yeh; Hsu Wen Vincent Young; Cheng Yen Wang; Yung Hung Wang; Po Lei Lee; Jiunn Horng Kang; Men Tzung Lo

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